Department of Physics, Lund university

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Bohr model of the atom - 100 years

Niels Bohr in Lund

Niels Bohr was often visiting Lund University. The picture of  Wolfgang Pauli och Niels Bohr, fascinated by the surprising motion of the TippeTop, was taken during the inauguration of the Physics Department in Lund, 31 May 1951. (Photographer Erik Gustafson). Read more about the TippeTop)

Sea also a few short films of a spinning TippeTop in action (123).

The top image of this page is from a painting at the department, that Niels Bohr must have seen during his visits.

2013 marks the centennial of the Bohr atomic model. The node for the celebrations is, of course, the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen.