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Award for Secondary School Teaching 2021

Nominering till pris för undervisning i skolans övre årskurser

Nu är det möjligt att nominera kandidater till Europeiska fysiksällskapets pris för undervisning i skolans övre årskurser. Nedan finns mer information om priset samt hur man går tillväga för att nominera någon (på engelska). 


"The European Physical Society (EPS), acting through its Physics Education Division (PED) grants the Award for Secondary School Teaching subject to the following criteria:


  • The award should be made to an individual high school teacher. (It is not a team award.)
  • The award should recognize work that directly affects students of physics in one or more European secondary schools. (Secondary school may be broadly interpreted, but specifically excludes primary schools and universities.)
  • The award should recognize a specific contribution to teaching, particularly one that might be taken up in a range of countries. (It is not a lifetime achievement award, nor is it an award for research into teaching, though teaching may be broadly interpreted and should include activities that encourage students to take up the study of physics or improve access to the study of physics.)
  • Particular consideration will be given in 2021 for work in remote or on-line teaching in physics.


The award consists of a certificate and the amount of € 1,000 (one thousand euros).


It is intended that the award will be presented during the GIREP Seminar on Teacher Education and Development, which is currently scheduled to take place in November 2021 at the University of Malta, travel restrictions permitting. The award winner is normally provided with additional funding to allow his or her attendance.

The award committee consist of four ordinary members and a chair, all nominated by the EPS Physics Education Division.


A single nomination is invited from each National Physical Society belonging to the EPS in the year of the award.

The nomination should be no longer than 500 words and should be in English. 

The Societies should be particularly encouraged to nominate individuals who have already won a national prize or award. The Societies should also be encouraged to consult national associations of physics/science teachers regarding suitable candidates.


The closing date for nominations is on 28th May 2021.

Thank you. 


                 Best regards,

David Lee, EPS Secretary General,

David Sands, EPS PED chairperson"